All Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and later can now download BBC iPlayer videos, rather than only stream them.
Previously, the broadcaster had taken a device-by-device testing strategy for Android, starting with the 11 most popular handsets and gradually supporting additional models.

The previous policy of testing each device individually before enabling downloads had been scrapped in response to public demand, according to a blog post by senior product manager David Berlin.
“We are now offering video downloads functionality by default to all Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) or above,” said Berlin.

“We believe the vast majority of devices will enjoy a great video downloading experience,” he added. “However, with more than five thousand different phone, phablet and tablet models able to install the BBC iPlayer Android app, there are likely to be a number of devices that exhibit bugs concerning download behaviour.”
Berlin said that if the BBC gets a significant number of bug reports concerning downloads on a particular device, there is now the option to disable the feature while it determines if the issue can be fixed or not.

“We can’t promise that we will fix every issue that is brought to our attention (there may be device limitations that prevent us from doing so) but we will seek to address problems according to the complexity of the issue, as well as the UK popularity and the user numbers of the device itself,” he said.