When looking at new phone system, should you consider Microsoft Lync?

The simple answer is yes! Microsoft Lync should be considered when looking for a replacement phone system.
Microsoft Lync is a sophisticated communication system. In its most basic form it is a standard phone system, however it offers numerous additional features such as:

• Conference calls

• Video calls

• Shared desktops

• Presence (Live availability)

• External VoIP calls

• Find me feature

• Scheduled web meetings

• Mobile Clients

• Multi-party video-conferencing

• Lync Federation

• High Availability 

The company I work for; Custard Technical Services LTD,  is an IT service provider who specialise in IT maintenance contracts and complexed system installations. The only phone system we supply is Microsoft Lync.  Custard have offered other phone systems in the past but never found one that fits with our business model until Microsoft Lync.   The reason that Lync fits with our business model is that in essence it is not just a phone system it’s more of an extension to Microsoft exchange, the installation and configuration of Microsoft Lync requires an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s domain structure and server infrastructure.
Most SME’s that we come across are not ready for Microsoft Lync at this time, however we believe that when you are looking into purchasing a new phone system you should request a Lync demonstration so that you are aware of the benefits and how it can future proof your business. 
Microsoft Lync should be purchased when you have identified a need to do one of the following, share information across your organisation, to video conference, or when VoIP is necessary and when you find a need to host web meetings.
Microsoft Lync, as with a growing number of products today requires a high speed Internet Lync such as a leased line or EFM connection.
Microsoft Lync in my opinion is the future of business communication, it is however in its infancy and reminds me of the early days of email systems such as Microsoft exchange.
Back in 1995 I installed Microsoft exchange for the first time to a company called the Advanced Composites Group. There were around 100 users at the time, most of which could see no use or purpose for the email system I was installing.   I remember people printing out emails writing their reply on the bottom of the printed mail and then posting the printout back to the sender. Within a few years that had all changed and users could not imagine going back to a time before email.  I believe Microsoft Lync with its additional communication features mimics those early Microsoft exchange days.
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