For businesses hoping to be acquired by another organisation or individual – there are a variety of things you can do to increase your business value.

Taking steps now to ensure your business data is easily transferable and secure will enable you to reach more potential buyers from all over the world and succeed with your business acquisition. Custard can help you effectively market your business for the future.

Here is how Custard helps you prepare for business acquisition:

Network compliance, security and monitoring – when a potential buyer can see that the business data is fully compliant with regulations, secure and safely monitored against possible attacks and viruses – the value of your business increases.

Cloud Computing – having anywhere, anytime access with Cloud Computing services means you can access your business data and network and operate your business from any location. It also provides for an easy transfer of essential business information and data to another business owner when the company is acquired.

Data backup and data recovery – if your business was faced with a natural disaster (like floods or fires), network failure or equipment malfunction that completely erased everything, selling your business becomes even more difficult. On the other hand, if you have an effective data backup procedure that keeps everything safe from data loss or disaster and a way to fully recover after said disaster, your business value increases and the plan can actually help you sell the company.

Preparing for acquisition involves many aspects that you may not have thought about. Our Custard technology team can help you discover areas in your business that need to be improved or changed in order to demand a higher selling price and enable the easy transfer of business data to the new owner. Custard can help you prepare for acquisition through consultation about your unique business goals.