If your business goals include expansion and opening new locations or adding team members to your existing organisation – our IT Guru’s at Custard can offer solutions that can help you do it without excessive expenses.

Opening new business locations normally results in skyrocketing expenses – you need new office space, new computers and technology equipment, and new employees. With Custard it’s entirely possible to expand your business into other locations and add employees all across the country without adding significantly to your expenses.

IT Guru’s at Custard:

Our IT Guru services include helping you grow and expand your business without upfront capital expense:

Cloud Computing – when you create a network that is accessible anywhere, anytime, you no longer need a physical office space to expand. Your employees can work remotely and have access to all of the same business data you have in your office space.

Custard provides an IT service that turns your technology equipment and management expenses into operating costs (which helps you enjoy tax breaks) and allows you to save on capital expenditures. We’ll manage all of your hardware needs for setting up and maintaining your complete technological system.

Voice over IP – employees can take their phone systems anywhere they go. Working remotely with employees who can take their phone number and various phone services with them allows easy expansion of your business to any location.

It’s easy to talk to Custard about your business goals and your ideas for growth and expansion. We can provide technology solutions that could help you reach your expansion goals whilst staying on a budget.