Do you and your organisation understand the fundamental benefits of implementing Unified Communications? In a world that is more connected than ever, introducing Unified Communications to your organisation will provide your business with a host of tools enabling you to connect via voice,  video and instant messaging in a collaborative environment from anywhere in the world, as long as you’re connected to network. Sound simple enough to you?

Sound simple, with our help it is!

Here are a few key benefits to consider when thinking about introducing Unified Communications into your organisation.

1. Unification – One of the biggest benefits behind UC is unification. By combining telephony and data together on the same network, UC gives your business the ability to combine and use voice, data, video and information in their common business applications, saving and forwarding instant message streams, faxes, emails, voice phone calls or video/conferencing sessions ass big chunks of data.

2. Advanced telephone – Unified Communication is designed to help employees and teams conduct their work more effectively and efficiently, whilst being free to work wherever they like! Unified Communications offers advanced functions such as short-number dialling eliminating the use of area codes. This can be really effective for businesses situated across a range of geographical areas!

3. Cost effective- UC software offers cheaper calls than traditional telephone systems with the capability of carrying voice and video over as data to the public network so there is scope for your business to lower its phone bills! Unified Communications can also provide predictable bills, so you’ll know what your monthly spend will be.

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If you’d like any more information on how Unified Communications can benefit your company then we’d be happy to help!