The Challenge

Badgemaster service over 27,000 companies nationwide and process badge orders daily for large high street retailers, banks, supermarkets & hotels.

Our challenge was that once Badgemaster receive an order, they need to process the order quickly and accurately, get it out the door quickly, invoiced correctly and make sure the account is paid, as they are operating on such small margins. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that their IT systems are ‘on the ball’.

Badgemaster Case Study

The Solution

Badgemaster were looking for an IT firm that could help support their almost 24/7 role. There was a number of vulnerabilities within their IT infrastructure, so we sat down with them and discussed their plans.

We looked at IT areas such as the day-to-day support all the way through to looking at their servers, their IT infrastructure, their cabling, through to their internet services as well.

Over just six months, we were able to complete nearly a whole infrastructure rehaul for Badgemaster, and we continue to look at areas where they can improve efficiencies within their business. We worked hand-in-hand with them to create a really easy and simplistic system to use.

The Results

Working with Badgemaster’s IT team, we changed and updated their systems, hardware and software. We gave them systems that are reliable, accurate and user-friendly.

Over the years, we have given Badgemaster a lot of direction and guidance, and as the business evolves and keeps going forward we will continue to work with them on achieving their goals with confidence.




  • “What is very refreshing for me, not being a computer person is... I can understand them and it’s probably the first computer people that I can say that about!”

  • "Custard have enabled us to achieve our vision of giving our customers the fastest and most reliable service"

  • "Custard have given us a lot of direction and guidance. They've given us systems that are reliable, accurate and user-friendly."