The Challenge

CPMG is an award-winning firm providing services in architecture, interior design & visualisation.

Since 1997 they have been growing their reputation for designing award winning buildings and spaces that meet their clients' needs and that are also delightful places to be, they continue to grow and have no intention of stopping. Custard have been integral to their IT evolution over the past ten years, and we can't wait to create even more solutions that make their job easier and their clients even happier.

CPMG's IT infrastructure is extremely important to their workflow due to their industry being heavily reliant on IT. Their CAD software and in-house business management systems require high-powered hardware which needs in depth monitoring. Nowadays, Custard support over 70 users at CPMG, who all work on completely cloud-based systems, including all of their CAD software. Custard provide all of this high powered kit through HAAS (Hardware as a Service), meaning the client has high-quality, powerful machines at all times that we replace and upgrade on a regular basis.

CPMG worked on a hardware infrastructure that was aging and not suited to the high-powered software that fuelled their workload. Custard enhanced the security, accessibility, and power of their workspace over the years that we worked with them – with the biggest and most challenging project the migration of their physical workspaces into Custard’s data centre to become a fully cloud based platform.

CPMG award

The Solution

With both high powered software and hardware, and a workflow that requires constant access to their IT infrastructure, CPMG are a company that require constant monitoring of their high-level IT systems. We ensure that our response time is quick and our solutions efficient in order to minimise workflow downtime.

CPMG had an in-house IT department when Custard entered into a partnership with them, with our primary role being that of high-level maintenance and support, ensuring the upkeep of their servers and their security. When Custard began working with CPMG, their on-premises systems were outdated for their use-case, and it quickly became apparent that an option other than totally uprooting and replacing their on-premises infrastructure was needed. On-premises infrastructure would create limitations in the business, which is rapidly growing and needs flexibility whilst ensuring users have the best of modern technology day to day. As Custard’s support continued over time, CPMG fully outsourced their IT to us, removing the need for an in-house IT department.


With CPMG’s IT department now fully within Custard’s hands, we began a project to update and migrate their IT infrastructure to ensure their systems were always up to date and able to hand the intensive CAD workload. Custard migrated CPMG to Office 365 for their emails and files and moved their CAD and business management systems onto Custard’s data centre. Phones were routed via Microsoft Teams to ensure flexibility with a fully cloud based, integrated communications system. We also implemented Microsoft Intune, which deploys CAD applications and updates, ensures compliance and keeps all systems up to date – streamlining how they operate, in addition to: MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to increase the security of their data and systems; next-generation firewalls and antivirus software to secure access to company resources; and MDM (Mobile Device Management) allowing CPMG to push security policies and manage company resources.

The Results

Custard's close relationship with CPMG has allowed us to keep on top of all their needs, no matter how sudden or urgent they are.

Finally, we helped CPMG strategically move into – installing business-grade Wi-Fi and connectivity to allow users to roam the building at will. With all these systems implemented, the infrastructure of CPMG was strong enough for the largest part of the project – moving their CAD systems into the cloud. Custard migrated the entire CAD platform into their data centre as they moved out of their old office and set up secure connections allowing employees to work from home seamlessly. This resulted in absolute minimal downtime – and left CPMG with an extremely versatile, upgradeable, and secure workspace for all of the employees. Custard have replaced all their outdated computers with CAD compatible laptops that have the latest operating systems, in addition to new monitors and docking stations – affording them the same work experience from a café, the office, or home – as all their extremely powerful CAD software can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

With CPMG also now using Custard’s HAAS, any laptops or monitors or PCs that are still on-premises are updated as they need to be, for one simple monthly payment.

Custard’s relationship with CPMG has been extremely strong over the years, and we are proud of the infrastructure we have provided, and in how we have transformed their workspace over the last decade. CPMG do incredible work – and we couldn’t be happier supporting their projects and endeavours in the years to come.

Minimised downtime

Increased productivity

Seamless Cloud-hosted workspace

A questionnaire we sent out to CPMG:

  • Do you feel that Custard understands your business needs? Yes
  • Do you feel that Custard has an extensive knowledge of the requirements of an architect/design practice? Yes – we have worked with Custard very closely over the past couple of year so they understand our business and processes, and the complexities of an Architectural Practice, and the CAD programes (and others) we use.
  • How would you rate Custard’s response times? Very good. They use a ticket system which works well, and is trackable.
  • Do you feel that Custard operates in an open and transparent manner? Custard are open and transparent about commercial matters, and always aim to seek best value and high quality.
  • Do you feel that Custard can help with the growth of your business? Yes for all the items noted above, and they are a flexible and user friendly partner.
  • Overall, are you satisfied with the service you receive from Custard? Excellent in all matters. There are complexities in the Architectural business, but Custard have been there to help navigate the world of IT.
  • Would you recommend Custard? Yes for all the above noted

‘Excellent service and very quick.’ - Cameron Kiddle

‘Good response form the recent engineer who checked the system comprehensively.’ - Anil Parmar

Ticket Feedback, CPMG Architects TLD

‘Quick and friendly!’ - Ish Haruna

'Nice and prompt thanks!' - Nick Gregory

Ticket Feedback, CPMG Architects LTD