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The Challenge

Kidsloop provide incredible software that helps children with learning disabilities, colourblindness and other learning hurdles in their day-to-day education.

Kidsloop had already developed a successful product in the Asian market before deciding to set up a U.K branch. They decided to outsource their IT straight away, and interviewed Custard and other IT support companies across the country, ensuring they did their due diligence and thoroughly inspected every aspect of our business. In the end, Custard were selected due to the personal touch we bring to the partnership.

Kidsloop needed efficient and attentive support in their expansion efforts, resulting in growth periods of high intensity for both businesses. We have proven through our flexible and personalised IT support infrastructure, that we can handle and excel in delivering expedient, methodical, and personalised IT support to a large number of users over a short period of time.

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The Solution

Kidsloop started with 56 staff across the country, mostly working from home. In addition to the day-to-day IT services that Custard provides, we were instrumental in the onboarding process for new employees as Kidsloop rapidly expanded. Custard procured, delivered and assisted in the setup of every machine for every new employee, contacting them personally and ensuring that everything was in perfect order for the start of their new job – allowing them to begin working within the first day. This was a major boon to Kidsloop’s expansion, allowing them to grow from 56 employees to 118 within 12 months. Thanks to the close partnership between Kidsloop and Custard, both businesses have benefitted greatly from this partnership, and we look forward to continuing this pattern of growth into the future.

We always have machines in stock and on standby, ready to deliver to employees in case of emergency – minimising downtime.

Custard ensure that we have regular meetings with Kidsloop concerning our relationship, what we can do to improve their IT infrastructure, their expansion and many other topics. It is important that we integrate with your business, rather than feeling like an outside third party that is rarely spoken to.

The Results

By ensuring minimal downtime in the onboarding of new employees, Custard helped Kidsloop secure an expedient and efficient expansion across the country, doubling their employees within a year.

Custard have fostered a fantastic relationship with Kidsloop that we hope to grow with and continue into the future. Our ability to flexibly execute large IT operations such as the on-boarding of high-volume staff has been invaluable, and the close relationship we foster is what allows us to complete such tasks.

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'Ellie is just wonderful, a real asset to the team and I can't fault her.'

'I'll be working with yourselves on the account and have already had the pleasure of a fantastic omboarding experience from Ellie a few months back.'

'Ellie and Alastair were both great in their communication and effectiveness. Thank you both!'

- Ticket Feedback, Kidsloop