The Challenge

With 15+ years experience as serviced accommodation providers, Marlin is the leading owner-operator of serviced leading owner-operator of serviced apartments and aparthotels in London.

Our challenge was that Marlin had data and systems extended across their established UK branch and their newest branch in Dublin. They wanted to centralise their data into one Office 365 account, remove their on-site servers and implement a firewall to enhance security to cover their newly opened branches in Dublin.

Marlin Apartments Case Study

The Solution

Marlin needed an IT company that could not only centralise their data and software, but also work with them on security improvements. Custard were able to support Marlin across all these key areas.

We looked at how we could centralise everything from both the UK and Dublin Office 365 accounts, and opted to move the Dublin data to the existing Office 365 system in the UK, making this the central account for both branches.

Not only this, but we removed their old on-site servers from 2003 which were a security risk, and moved the data from both branches to Office 365 allowing the old servers to be turned off and decommissioned. A firewall was also implemented as extra security to cover their newly opened branches.

The Results

We were able to centralise their data across the UK and Dublin branches, utilising the same email domains, reducing licensing costs and reducing security risk to their business with a new firewall.

Our team of friendly It experts continue to work with Marlin to help them achieve their goals as their business grows, offering them support and advice throughout the year.

Reduced costs

Centralised data

Improved security