The Challenge

Plastribution’s core business is the distribution of thermoplastic raw materials for injection moulding, extrusion & blow moulding industries.

Our challenge was that Plastribution were looking at a way of hosting their data with minimal on-site infrastructure. We found that their PCs, laptops and on-premise servers were aging so we needed to look at updating their machines, as well as migrating their emails and files to Office 365.


The Solution

Plastribution needed to upgrade around 50 PCs and laptops across the business, to enable them to move across from their aging servers to Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud.

In just a few months, we were able to upgrade the PCs and laptops within the business, creating the platform for Plastribution to move to Office 365 and the ability to host their data with minimal on-site infrastructure.

Our experienced team were able to ensure the project was well managed, so that any office based users experienced very limited downtime and our remote and on-site team were able to offer flexibility wherever necessary.

The Results

Upgrading the majority of Plastribution’s PC and laptop fleet created the platform for them to move to Office 365, including cloud based services such as Exchange and SharePoint.

Moving to Office 365 offered them better managed data, increased security and less downtime. We continue to work closely with Plastribution on further projects to help them achieve their IT goals.

Managed data

Increased security

Less downtime

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