Riggotts are the UK’s leading line marking and surface coating company who cover everything from car park lining to anti-skid technology with surface signage.

Using technology to drive improvements

When Custard first started their relationship with Riggotts, Riggotts had an ageing SBS Server, an under performing Linux Database Server and some elements of their business were stored on a NAS unit. There was no real backup solution in place to protect their systems and crashes were a regular occurrence.

Custard saw that the IT infrastructure could no longer meet the requirements of Riggott’s and the system needed to evolve to support their growing needs. Custard proposed that the data was migrated to a secure, virtual hosted environment. By doing so, this would remove the need for a substantial capital outlay and allow for Riggotts to continue to grow as a business without being held back by their IT.

Having this technology in place was essential in delivering a reliable user experience with their services no longer being on-premises.

Custard deployed hosted services in a hybrid Hyper-V, VMWare and Hosted Exchange environment to provide the power, reliability and bandwidth Riggotts had grown to need. Custard migrated their data from multiple physical platforms and consolidated this onto the new virtual environment. The company’s main application, a linux based database was migrated to a HA vmware cluster. Mobile users were catered for with a Remote Desktop Services server and the emails were relocated into a hosted exchange environment.

Onsite, Custard deployed a Barracuda Next Generation firewall to allow Riggotts to balance demand across multiple internet connections so that all of the hosted services could be accessed without delay. Additional to the balancing of traffic across multiple lines, Custard employed Quality of Service to prioritise the traffic of their core Business Applications over non-essential traffic. Having this technology in place was essential in delivering a reliable user experience with their services no longer being on-premises.

By moving their infrastructure to a fully hosted environment, their key business systems are now fully protected by backups, replication and high availability, allowing them to have a business continuity plan in place. Now that Riggotts have a modernised email system, all of the collaborative features of Outlook can be utilised. With Riggotts having their data in one central and secure location, security has been greatly heightened and there have been improvements made such as role-based access control and remote access restrictions.

Thanks to the sophisticated reporting capabilities of the firewalls both onsite and in the hosting facility, Riggotts receive regular reports on things such as Traffic by Risk, URLs visited and which services use the most bandwidth.