The Challenge

Since 1989 Selenity has been delivering exceptional products and high quality service that strive to streamline business processes and reduce spend.

Our challenge was that software company Selenity had a contract with their phone system coming up to expiry. They wanted to invest in a phone system that would work better for their mobile users within the Sales team, a phone system that allowed flexibility for home working or working remotely.


The Solution

Selenity were looking for an experienced IT firm that could help them improve on their current phone system. Microsoft Teams Phone System offered them a more reliable and flexible system at a great price, at only £12 per user.

Our team assessed their IT requirements and proposed what the finished outcome would look like to ensure the project would work for them and be a significant improvement to their business.

We were able to get the Microsoft Teams Phone System configured, tested and implemented within 4 weeks meaning there was no impact on usage - which was incredibly important at the time, as this implementation took place during COVID. We continue to work with them on additional training and configuration updates.

The Results

We successfully moved Selenity over to the Microsoft Office 365 Phone System within the projected timescale, with a team of IT experts always available to discuss any queries.

The results include that their team are now able to work remotely and have the flexibility to do so, a more robust system during the COVID lockdown, an ease of management over their original system and transparency of costs, meaning scalability long-term.

Ease of management

Long-term scalability


  • “Phone System allowed Selenity to replace their existing PBX system with a set of features delivered from Office 365 that is tightly integrated into the cloud.”