The Challenge

UCR Consultants is a company dedicated to providing their clients with an impartial, professional service and a fair price for the energy they use.

Our challenge was that UCR Consultants needed an IT
company to install several new PCs and monitors and migrate some of their users to Office 365, as well as provide ways to improve their current data backup and recovery setup, to ensure their business had no single point of failure.


The Solution

Our team of IT experts discussed the project in detail with UCR Consultants, to advise on the best plan of action and the required timescale to complete all their IT goals.

We looked at the installation of 38 PCs and
monitors, as well as the migration of users from their Birmingham branch to Office 365 for emails, to ensure all users were on the same secure system.

Not only this, but we looked at a new redundant firewall cluster meaning that there was no longer a single point of failure. We also installed a new UPS system, meaning that UCR now has a battery backup in case of a power outage.

The Results

We successfully upgraded their office equipment and systems, as well as their current data backup and recovery setup making it more reliable, secure and future proof.

As their business grows, our team of IT friendly experts continue to work with UCR on achieving their IT goals and working on technological improvements within the business throughout the year.



Future proof

  • “Regardless of the industry sector, the size of your organisation or the scope of your IT requirements, Custard is the ideal business partner to help you accomplish more of your IT goals.”