Transfer internally Hosted Exchange Servers from 11 International sites to a central location in Chicago USA

Customer:- Umeco now Cytec Industries Inc

Our brief

Umeco Plc had secured 2 x load balanced hosted exchange servers version 2010 and 2 x 2010 Domain Controllers from Rackspace in Chicago USA

We were to migrate the business’ email from internal systems located in many sites around Europe and the USA from various Exchange versions into the new hosted solution, and then support 800 -1000 users within the new infrastructure 24/7

Each office we migrated data from had different levels of internal IT skill sets

The main obstacles that we had to overcome were time difference and language barrier, our technicians worked around the clock which negated the time difference issue, our project was designed to run with little or no user input or requirements utilising sophisticated scripting to change local Outlook settings where required and in other cases working with the local IT resource.

The project ran smoothly and we continued to support the solution until July 2012 when Umeco was acquired by Cytec Holdings PLC Industries Inc who incorporated the mail infrastructure into their own existing systems.

Customer Comment

“Custard Group provided an invaluable service for this project, from concept through to final delivery. The fact that they were able to work with our many subsidiary divisions, and across the globe, really brought the whole project to a successful completion. Despite some difficult technical challenges during the project, none of which impacted on the final timescales, the delivery of the end result was considerable milestone in the Umeco’s company development and global presence.” Martyn Murney, Europe and Asia Pacific Sites IT Manager..