Coronavirus: Our business continuity plan

Our customers' continuation of service is at the forefront of our business plan.

Custard Technical Services are monitoring the evolving news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and following the guidance set out by Public Health England and the UK Government. At the moment our customers' continuation of service is at the forefront of our business plans.

Our business continuity plan ensures we have measures in place to safeguard the continuity of services and in the event of our organisation contracting Coronavirus, we’re confident we can operate with fewer colleagues whilst making sure our colleagues are safe and well. We have tested this already and continue to test this by having our colleagues work from home no matter what department so whether it be accounts, sales or technical, we will remain open and operational.

We have the facilities for all colleagues to work from home and can ensure isolation where needed. There may be a small impact to the service that we deliver, however we will monitor this and ensure we do everything we can to support your business during this testing and uncertain time.

If you would like to know anything further, please contact our client care department on [email protected] or 01623 687 650 and we would be happy to go through these plans with you.

Our webinar talks you through creating a solid work from home plan and the necessary software and technology upgrades to cause the least disruption to your business.

A number of businesses have started advising employees to work from home in the ongoing bid to curb the coronavirus outbreak. What questions should you be asking? Read more...

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Coronavirus webinar: is your business ready to work from home?

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