Global Eyes

Global Eyes is an international courier company with 40 users based at two locations, and  supported by two servers. They were looking for a single provider to assist them to fix a variety of problems that were generating high monthly bills for constant site visits. They wanted a structured way forward, with fast and reliable systems that would allow their sites to function as one.

They invited Custard to speak to them.

 Their problem

An ad hoc implementation of improvements/fixes had left them with an inefficient IT infrastructure, together with a VoIP system that was below business standards. As the company uses an online logistics delivery and tracking system, and is spread over two sites, they rely heavily on the internet.

The sites were connected via a VPN which, because it was extremely slow, led to users saving documents on the computers and leaving them vulnerable to losing data in the event of hardware failure. The speed issue also meant that staff were taking excessive time completing simple tasks that required the sharing of critical business documents.

Our solution

Custard implemented a leased line at both locations, on which we ran the VoIP phone system: this provided the reliability the critical systems required. We removed the VPN altogether, and implemented a remote desktop solution. This allowed users at the remote site to have access to internal documents and efficiently share data and resources.

At both sites we implemented internet quality of service via a fire box to ensure that VoIP, remote desktop and logistics systems all run at maximum speed, all of the time.

We also rolled out our proactive support solution across both sites, implementing managed antivirus and spam protection. The result is that day to day support issues are now virtually unheard of. Global Eyes’ Financial Director added:

Since Custard have taken over our IT support we’ve found a level of service far above previous companies we have used. They’ve helped us implement a quality infrastructure, allowing the business to run better and focus on growth. I thoroughly recommend Custard’s service to any company that needs day to day IT reliability.”