Jones & Co

Jones & Co – a manufacturer and importer of buttons, curtains and accessories – required a more reliable email system for their 40 users across two sites connected with fibre.

Their problem

Dealing with clients worldwide, a reliable email system is essential for receiving and processing orders. The company’s small business server was struggling with the size of their email database and eventually failed, leading to two days of down-time on emails.

Our solution

Custard recommended implementing a system that would provide reliability and stability for their email whilst also allowing for future growth, as the company was looking to implement a new accounts server and had online expansion plans.

We implemented a dual server solution that provided live replication between the two physical servers. This allowed us to configure three virtual servers: one small business server for email and files, one SQL server for an internal CRM database, and one Linux-based server providing security.

Shortly after the system went live we added a fourth virtual server for accounts, and migrated the data from their old Linux server. The server was deployed within 2 days of request at minimal cost, with no hardware or licensing required.

The company benefited from the reduced costs over the option of implementing four individual servers, and in ongoing server support. And – because if one physical server were to fail, the second would process all the workload without downtime – they now have a completely fail-safe environment.

The four virtual servers are powered by the two physical servers, whose combined resources are shared according to the resource requirements of each virtual server.

Custard delivered the project within budget and with no down-time during working hours.