Over time, as personal computing power has improved, intensive tasks such as “brute-force” of a password has become a much quicker task. A password which could take 1 year to crack in 2004 only takes 2 months in 2016.

The guys over at BetterBuys (a software solution comparison house) have come up with a great tool that lets you see how long it would take for your password to be hacked. It’s quite an eye openener.

Check it out here

You can type your password and drag a slider to see how secure it is now in 2016 compared to how secure it would of been when you created your password when you first setup your emails.There is also a lot of information on how to pick a new and secure password. The bottom line is that Length and Character type make a big difference.

Combining capitals, numbers, letters and non-alphanumeric characters along with picking something a few characters longer will greatly secure your password.For example Noddy1 would take 1 hour to crack but [email protected]! would take 1100 years.

Look at the password checking tool