iPhone vs Samsung: Which is Best for your Business?

The Benefits of iPhone vs Samsung

Communicating with your team, customers and clients is the most important element of your working day - so using mobile handsets that can keep you fully connected is vital. While you might have a particular preference for your personal phone, it can be difficult choosing a handset for your business, with many different factors to take into account.

Samsung is now the most popular smartphone brand in the world, while iPhones are best known for the ease with which users can navigate between different functionalities. Choosing between the benefits of the iPhones vs Samsung can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

What should you consider when choosing a business phone?


One of the most important business considerations for choosing new technology is the security properties it can offer. As well as providing peace of mind that your day-to-day operations are hidden from hackers, strong security measures minimise the risk of needing backup and disaster recovery options.

Concrete security is more important now than ever before as more businesses are working from home long term. Ensuring your team can access the phones from anywhere in the world, with a secure connection between your other devices, will help your business operate with no bumps in the road.

We recommend that whichever mobile device you choose, you implement multi-factor authentication as soon as possible to protect both your passwords and your network security. If you're unsure how to go about setting this up, our friendly team will be happy to help find a solution that keeps you, your team and your technology safe.


The person using the phone and when they'll be operating it may influence your decision. The type of handset that works best for you will depend on the kind of sector you're in, and what you'll be using your phone for. Whether your team will be making constant calls on the road or using the phone for on-the-go design or creative work, every type of mobile can offer you different benefits.

As well as this, consider how efficiently your device can be used to enhance accessibility. If an employee has used an iPhone for a long time, the battery can wear down quickly, which would become disruptive if your team is often on the road. On the other hand, Samsung devices are known for their significant battery life, and so could be more optimum choice if you have less access to a charging point.


In the iPhone vs Samsung debate, the cost of regularly updating your handset to enjoy the most recent benefits each provider has to offer is a huge consideration. As well as the initial costs that come with purchasing handsets, you'll need to contemplate the running costs of each model you choose, alongside business insurance and any potential repair costs.

It's important to take the costs of productivity into account too. If your team is using any older technology, like older PC's or outdated mobile handsets, their workflow will likely suffer.


Integrating any new form of technology with your current hardware solutions can present a challenge, both in terms of security and how seamlessly aligning it with other platforms, products and your IT support. If you regularly use Apple products, you might find that an iPhone is a more obvious choice, whereas more widgets are  available for Android and Google users.

However, while Apple comes preloaded with features and apps, Samsung is entirely customisable. Rather than facing potential memory loss in your phone or issues with installing new apps and devices, opt for a model with plenty of storage space, and customisable features if necessary. Your business's work devices need to be fast and responsive for the best possible results. Staying connected with compatible devices and handsets will support your whole team to work efficiently as your business grows.

Ready to upgrade your handsets?

Whether you're looking to update your IT hardware, or you're unsure how productive your current handsets are, we can offer you dynamic solutions that give you the confidence to get the job done. Get in touch to find the most secure solution for your team.