With Custard as your IT service provider, you can take the headaches out of purchasing, installing and upgrading your critical hardware.

If you’re like most business owners, you only purchase new hardware and technology when you absolutely have to, and it isn’t easy to come up with the initial investment required to keep everything up to date. When you’re using Custard as your IT service provider, you don’t have to worry! We make sure you have the latest up to date technology, all the time, with no need for expensive upfront costs.

The Benefits of HaaS:

There is no large capital outlay – keeping funds to invest in growing the core business, rather than in infrastructure “You wouldn’t buy a company car”. Investing in your core business can yield a higher return.

Cash flow is improved – making payment for equipment more affordable.

Increased flexibility – IT equipment can be regularly honed and adapted to your evolving business needs.

HaaS frequently shows improved ROI – as the asset base is lower. A favorable impact for certain structures on financial ratios (current ratio and debt-to-equity).

HaaS payments are simply footnoted on the balance sheet.

Improved productivity and team morale – through employees using the latest technology.

Why Custard Group

Your business is the cake. We provide the Custard

Simply put - we make your business more secure, more agile and better equipped for now and in the future. From hardware to software, security to communication, we provide the latest IT support services in a hassle free and supportive manner. You’ll enjoy the highest standard of customer service. Fast service level times and above all, a people first answer to any IT problem your business will face. Let our unique ingredients elevate your business from good, to great!