Why HaaS

We think HaaS is a great solution for any business. So why HaaS with Custard? Here’s why.


It can be hard to get the equipment you need due to large upfront costs. But with us, this isn’t the case. Get the hardware you need, improve efficiency and morale & worry about money later.


As a small business, you don’t always have the capital to invest in I.T. system refreshes, this has a direct knock on effect to efficiency and your teams morale. HaaS with us and all hardware you request is delivered to your team keeping you one step ahead of your competition


Our engineers will deliver and configure your system to your users requirements making sure that everything is just as its needed for your user to get the benefits from the new kit immediately

What is HaaS?

HaaS is a Custard program designed to provide high-quality equipment to your business without any upfront payment. Because of this, you can keep your capital for investing in business growth whilst increasing efficiency and morale by installing new state-of-the-art kit

Am I renting, leasing, or what?

HaaS is most closely associated with leasing.

What happens if I want to cancel my agreement before it’s over?

There will be a termination fee, and you will have the option to buy the equipment and purchase your own MS licensing.

How long do agreements run for?

The minimum agreement term is 36 months, but we will continue to support you after the agreement has ended. To stop receiving support and paying for our services, you must opt out.

How does setup work?

Custard sets up all equipment to your specifications. We build, test and install the equipment onsite.

What if a part needs to be replaced or the system fails?

We will rectify the issue according to our No-Questions-Asked repair and replacement Policy

What Happens at the end of the 36 months?

  1. Buy the equipment
  2. Send the equipment back
  3. Start again and receive new equipment
  4. Keep paying for and using the equipment

Why Custard Technical Services

Your business is the cake. We provide the Custard

Simply put - we make your business more secure, more agile and better equipped for now and in the future. From hardware to software, security to communication, we provide the latest IT support services in a hassle free and supportive manner. You’ll enjoy the highest standard of customer service. Fast service level times and above all, a people first answer to any IT problem your business will face. Let our unique ingredients elevate your business from good, to great!