If your plans are to one day sell your business, Custard’s Cloud Hosted Solutions makes the business acquisition process much easier.

Cloud Hosted Solutions will also, in the meantime, contribute to the productivity and efficiency of your business by configuring, maintaining and fixing issues with software, and much more. Custard use the best-of-the-breed applications from Microsoft that your staff already know and love, along with applications from other well known leaders in the technology industry.

Custard Cloud Hosted Solutions include:

  • Configuring, maintaining and fixing issues with software systems
  • Customised support – we can support and host any application you need
  • Microsoft Exchange – hosted email solution provides increased efficiency and security to your email system.
  • Intuit Quickbooks – we help make accounting easier
  • MS SharePoint – we’ll host this application so you can easily collaborate

Whether you are looking for ways to improve productivity with your software applications and email today, or want to make business acquisition easier in the future – contact Custard to discuss how our Cloud Hosting Solutions can help. We can answer any questions you have about hosting solutions and how it relates to your business needs to see if this technology will benefit your organisation.

Why Custard Group

Your business is the cake. We provide the Custard

Simply put - we make your business more secure, more agile and better equipped for now and in the future. From hardware to software, security to communication, we provide the latest IT support services in a hassle free and supportive manner. You’ll enjoy the highest standard of customer service. Fast service level times and above all, a people first answer to any IT problem your business will face. Let our unique ingredients elevate your business from good, to great!