IT Consulting For Business

Whether you’re simply trying to find the best IT services in your area, or you’re dealing with malfunctioning equipment and the downtime that follows – you probably spend far more time dealing with your company technology than you should.

You may not be in the IT business, but as a business owner, you may often find yourself faced with technological challenges. Downtime is time that could be spent on generating revenue. Custard are here to eliminate that downtime, providing solutions for all technological needs.

Custard’s IT Consultant Services will help evaluate your business needs to determine what obstacles are obscuring your business goals and which solutions we can provide to eliminate these obstacles. Technology can keep your business processes flowing smoothly if you have an expert partner helping you choose the right technology solutions.

Custard IT Consulting Services Include

Technology Strategies

Technology strategies that are scalable, affordable, and customised to your unique business needs

Comprehensive IT Solutions

From selection to implementation of chosen technology to long-term support and maintenance

Best of Breed IT Solutions

We hold partnerships with industry leaders to bring you today’s latest and greatest IT solutions

Flat Rate Service

Flat rate service means you get recommendations for technology solutions based on what will work

What is the meaning of IT consulting?

IT consulting is an advisory service that helps assess different technological strategies to make your business more effective. 

These services support customers by looking into their IT needs, analysing security threats, improving the efficiency of existing systems and generally helping businesses to make the most out of their IT systems. By understanding your business objectives, an IT consultant can provide strategic advice on using technology to achieve business goals.

What services do IT consultants provide?

IT consultants help clients to solve their specific IT needs, so what service they provide depends entirely on the client. This could be anything from network analytics to managed IT solutions

At Custard, we provide IT support via training courses such as Microsoft 365, backup and recovery, IT cloud services, server colocation, email and spam protection and hardware support. Find out how we can help you today. 

Custard’s experience and knowledge providing IT services will show you a better and more cost-effective way to operate your business, with the use of appropriate technology solutions for long term success. We’re always available to provide consulting services in your area or to help you expand your business into new locations.

About Custard

IT support that's simple, friendly and effective

Custard offer market-leading IT support solutions to the UK and to our international partners, all from our state-of-the-art headquarters in Nottingham and London.

For over two decades we have helped our customers become more dynamic, productive, secure and future proof, through innovative IT solutions for business problems. Whether your company needs help with IT infrastructure, flexible and reliable hardware or expert technical consultancy; We offer tailor-made IT support solutions to help your business continue to grow and thrive in this modern world.

Our Customers

Our team is made up of friendly and reliable tech support professionals whose focus is always based on the customer experience and providing excellent service – no matter what size or sector you operate.

Speak to our friendly sales team, don’t worry we won’t baffle you with jargon!

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