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Training sessions to suit your needs. We provide recognition and support to ensure that delegates get everything they need from their training sessions.

Custard IT Training

Here at Custard, we believe that having the correct training lets your employee’s talents thrive!

We build on your IT skills so that you and your employees are able to make the most of the technology within your business.

We provide an array of IT training courses and can cater courses to your businesses needs.

We understand that everybody learns in different ways and at a different pace and ensure that all delegates leave a training course with the right level of understanding.

What do you learn in IT courses?

Depending on what IT course you choose to take, you’ll learn a number of different things. 

If you decide to take the Microsoft Teams course with us, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams, as with Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft 365. If you opt for the Cyber Awareness course, we’ll support you with cybersecurity threats and help you keep your business secure. 

IT training differs completely in what you learn, according to your business’s specific needs. 

What are the best IT courses?

As we’ve touched on previously, the best IT training courses are dependent on your business’s needs. You may be an expert in Microsoft Teams but need help with Microsoft 365. 

The best IT training courses will recognise where you’re lacking knowledge and help you improve in those areas to make your business more efficient. That’s why, at Custard, we tailor our courses to your business's specific needs.

It’s certainly important to get to grips with the basics - Microsoft Windows and Microsoft 365. It’s also just as important to understand Microsoft Teams as the majority of us approach a more hybrid way of working. 

Our commitment to you.

No matter what, Custard will be here to support and train you for the your role.

Some of our training sessions include:

Microsoft Teams

Our Microsoft Teams in-depth training session covers everything about Teams. From working with Channels and Meetings to how to collaborate with other Microsoft applications.

Cyber Awareness

Our Cyber Awareness course provides an overview of cybersecurity threats and best practices to keep information and information systems secure within your business.

Power BI

Our Microsoft Power BI training course can help your employees master the Microsoft Power BI tool. Learn how to create insightful dashboards and business reports.

Microsoft Office 365

Whether you're new to Office or simply want to refresh your skills, you're in the right place. Learn Microsoft Office 365 with an IT expert-driven course from Custard.

Microsoft Windows

Gain the skills you need to deploy and manage Microsoft Windows 10 desktops, devices and applications. Windows 10 training courses for you and your employees.

Dynamics/Business Central

Learn to organise and automate the processes that will boost customer satisfaction with our Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Business Central training courses.

And many more, bespoke to your business needs...

Don't just take our word for it...



“I was very pleased with the project. It was done promptly and professionally with very little disruption. The process between the teams seems to work very well.” - Anthony Shermin



Regardless of the industry sector, the size of your organisation or the scope of your IT requirements, Custard is the ideal business partner to help you accomplish more of your IT goals.

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