Whether your in-house IT department needs a little extra support or if you need a fully managed day-to-day IT service, Custard can help.


That's class! Adapting to remote learning in schools and universities

Learn how to adapt to remote working and IT strategies to make the change as seamless, productive and secure as possible.

Fully Managed
IT Support

With a fully outsourced IT company like Custard, your school or university can depend on secure, reliable IT support at an affordable monthly cost. Depending on the size of your school or university and your IT needs, we can have multiple staff on hand 24/7.


IT Consultancy

Our  IT experts can advise you on all aspects of IT strategy, investment and development. From advice on upgrading your existing IT systems to ensuring that any investment in software and hardware that you make will meet technological demands now and in years to come.

Cyber Security
for Education

We can offer you a complete cyber security audit, to assess the security of your systems and help you implement safeguarding measures such as firewalls and anti-virus software to protect you and your students from potentially devastating cyber attacks.

Custard Technical Services IT Support and Services

Why Choose Custard?

IT Experts

For over two decades we have helped our customers become more dynamic, productive, secure and future proof, through innovative IT solutions for business problems.

Whether your school, academy or university needs help with IT infrastructure, flexible and reliable hardware or expert technical IT consultancy – we offer tailor-made IT support solutions to help your establishment continue to grow and thrive in this modern world.

High Security

Is your school, academy or university ready for a second lockdown?

The challenges presented to schools during the COVID-19 lockdown have been diverse and complex. The first lockdown in March has brought to the fore real challenges for schools that go beyond traditional teaching in the classroom.

The challenge to move to new ways of working and delivering remote teaching almost overnight introduced a level of organisational change that would break most large corporate organisations, let alone a small primary school! At Custard, we have the technical skills to help support schools and the wider education community - providing advice and guidance to educational establishments in and around Nottinghamshire.

Key Features

On-site & remote support

Telephone & email support

Preventative maintenanace

24/7 real-time monitoring & alerts

Dedicated account manager

IT consultancy services

Microsoft Gold Partner

Emergency support in lockdown

Speak to our friendly sales team, don’t worry we won’t baffle you with jargon!

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