We are half way through the year and the total tickets logged so far for this year stands at 10,760. July saw a decrease in tickets, a total of 1271 being logged.

We have received 94 smiley faces this month and Alex has done it again with gaining a massive 42 of those. Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback as we really do appreciate it. Here are some of the comments we received.


Thanks Adam. Great service!!

Quick response! Done straight away over the phone. Fab service


Many thanks

Extremely prompt in responding to my request

Appreciate it, thanks

Job done thanks

Brilliant Dane – many thanks for that.

Excellent service as per usual cheers fm guys

Quickly sorted, thanks

Above and beyond Kyle. Thanks!

Gr8 thanks

Spot on, sorted very promptly, many thanks

Fast and friendly service 🙂

Thanks Adam & Alex for helping me to solve the problem. Much appreciated

Ok, thanks Adam. Glad it appears resolved. Thanks for your efforts

Fantastic amazing superb service though

Many thanks for your help Dane

Great thanks so much Alex!

Thank you for the prompt response – much appreciated

Many thanks – I know it wasn’t a straightforward job – very much appreciated

Dane did a very thorough analysis of the issue and provided an answer to a complex problem


Our personal favorite this month was this lovely feedback!

It was lovely, like snuggling up to a safety blanket. The aura of calm from Mr Rob is almost zen-like.


Thanks again to all who provided this feedback, we look forward to seeing what results we get this month.