Here at Custard we have always strived to be different. Chris and Mark; the founders of Custard, were always impressed with businesses that offered outstanding customer service and products that were far better than any rival company. Companies such as Orange in the early days before being sold on, broke the mould in mobile phones. They were the first company to offer per second billing, a fully digital network, text messaging, caller ID and next day handset replacement insurance. Not only was Orange offering a far superior product but they had a quirky name to go with the offering. Other companies such as Apple and Virgin were equally as impressive and also had company names that in no way indicated what the business did but were very difficult to forget.

Although Custard has changed over the years to keep up with fast-paced technology changes, we still hold our founding principles. With all this in mind we have recently relaunched our IT support offering. The new product is called Custard Care.

I.T. is changing and the Cloud is becoming the place to be. In-house servers are becoming a thing of the past, and the technologies that people use to connect vary widely. With this in mind we now cover the user no matter what hardware they are using. The whole process is so much simpler than before. You just count the amount of users that use I.T. in your business and you pay to support a user. All in-house servers, switches, computers and laptops are covered both for hardware and software support. So when a user logs ticket whether it’s for a mobile phone problem, PC problem, laptop problem, server problem, network problem, Internet issue, third-party software supplier issue, tablet issue, etc… You can rest safe in the knowledge that the user is fully supported and no invoice will be raised to cover the cost of the issue.

Custard Care is a groundbreaking support offering as it’s a full all-inclusive service. It makes your IT support simple and you will feel as though you have employed an entire IT department the size of which normally can only be afforded by major corporate’s. You pay the monthly support based on the amount of users and then sit back and receive levels of service only normally available from large internal I.T. departments.

If you would like to learn more please contact us, and one of our IT gurus will be happy to sit down with you and describe the phenomenally high levels of service offered on our Custard Care package.