1. The technology to keep you ‘future-proof’

Because top Managed Service Providers (MSPs) use the best techniques and equipment available, you’ll never worry about your managed IT services getting out-dated. They’re continuously upgraded – and it’s all built into the cost.

2. Foreseeable monthly costs and low capital expense

On the other hand a fixed monthly plan, guaranteed to have no hidden charges, will give you predictable costs and clearly defined services for the duration of your contract. And – with your MSP doing the investing for you – you’ll be guaranteed the best solutions technology can offer.

3. Integrated Services

You can cut infrastructure costs by running multiple IT services over a single ‘converged’ connection,. This allows remote home access to all voice and data applications in Head Office, and enables staff to work productively from home.

4. Keep it all together

You can keep all your applications and servers in managed data centres. And also access virtual services, along with storage and backup facilities, through these data centres. So – wherever they are – your staff can perform better.

5. Infrastructure Security

Thanks to round-the-clock running and government approved security procedures, the infrastructure and data centres managed by your MSP are more stable than a standard Enterprise IT service.

6. Know-how

A managed IT service gives you access to specialist expertise, which saves the expense of training staff for rare or one-off tasks.

7. Environmentally friendly

You’ll reduce your business costs AND lower your carbon footprint by using an MSP.  Running applications on a virtual platform and letting data centres look after your business systems will save your business £££s on power bills.

8. Better Service

An MSP – through 24/7 support and service level agreements – gives you guaranteed quality and business continuity.

9. Safeguarding your business against disaster

Thanks to its serious investment in technology, your MSP will give you access to an infrastructure that lets you maintain business continuity and data security, even in the event of a major office ‘crash’. That dependability is what MSPs are all about.