Microsoft Teams

It’s a well-known fact that Microsoft Teams is a business’ central hub for communication and productivity. But how can you use the Teams application to help you achieve more in your working day? Let’s take a look at some of the features of Teams that will help you communicate more effectively within your business.

  • Tip 1 - Send emails to Teams
  • Tip 2 - Bookmark content in Teams
  • Tip 3 - Add a title to a group chat
  • Tip 4 - Add connectors
  • Tip 5 - Recording meeting transcripts

Tip 1 - Send emails to Teams

Conversations and private chats help to reduce the amount of email cluttering up your inbox. Microsoft Teams offers so many unique ways of communication, and you’ll soon wonder why your business relied so heavily on email communication in the past.

Since Outlook and Teams integrate so well together, you can create or forward emails that will post in the Teams environment for your entire team to view. In Teams, you can navigate to the channel you would like to post an email to, select the ellipsis (…) and choose “Get email address”, copy and paste that address into the email and it will populate it to Teams. This will now allow you to have an open discussion with your team about that specific email.

Tip 2 - Bookmark content in Teams

Microsoft Teams conversations are persistent and retained forever by default, meaning messages are saving successively over an indefinite period of time. Despite being an incredibly useful feature, some users can be a little worried that they won’t be able to find important items within their long history of messages.

However, not everyone realises that you have the ability to flag or save important items from posts, conversations or chats. When you have an item you would like to mark, hover over that item and select the flag. When you need to review this item, navigate to your profile icon and choose saved. This will bring up a listing of all of your saved items – it’s as easy as that!

Tip 3 - Add a title to a group chat

Our third tip helps you quickly find group chats. When you’re having a group chat you can create a title for that chat to make it easier to find in the future, and to help it stand out. Simply click the pencil beside the chat members names and create a new title. Tada - the chat is now searchable within Teams! Psst… you can also pin a chat to the top of your chat list for easy access as well.

Tip 4 - Add connectors

Connectors can help you or your team remain current and up-to-date by allowing you access to updated content from the services you use frequently. News, Twitter Wunderlist, Trello and Facebook are just a few of the services that you can access through connectors (ask your dedicated IT expert about which ones will work best for your business). These connectors will stream this information right into one of your Team channels and populate it in your conversation tab, so you’ll never miss a thing!

Tip 5 - Recording Transcripts

Most people know that Teams has the ability to record a Teams meeting, but not everyone knows that Teams has the ability to transcribe that meeting. But how can this be done you ask? Well, when your recording is completed, open up the recording in Stream. Go to the edit option, and under video language choose English and then select “Autogenerate a caption file” and choose apply. Next time you open the video you can see the transcript created from the dialogue of the meeting.

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We hope you learned some new and valuable tips and tricks that you can implement in Microsoft Teams today.

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