In today’s digital world, many companies are choosing to extend their businesses by going online. However, even with the continual progression of IT technology, companies are still being affected by unplanned downtimes, causing numerous consequences. But do companies really know how much downtime is affecting them?

The most obvious impact is how much money and time downtime costs a company. A manufacturing company in the UK with a £5 million turnover on average experiences 27 hours of downtime each year, resulting in IT managers spending the equivalent of 5 working days trying to restore lost data and an expense of £74,250 attempting to resolve the situation.

Why are these figures so high? When downtime occurs, employee productivity is inevitably hindered – for IT employers, their attention is diverted to fixing the problem as quickly as possible, thus disrupting how quickly their other tasks get completed and for the other employees, the downtime could prohibit them from completing current work. Therefore, company production is affected costing time and money.

Similarly, downtime can also cost companies potential customers and sales. For example someone’s search may direct them to your company website, however when unable to connect to the page, they may move onto the next company that can help, or in other words, your competitor. Consequently, downtime results in the loss of opportunity.

It is not just potential opportunities that can be affected by downtime. If a company continues to experience downtime issues, this could have an impact on customer loyalty and the business’ reputation. Imagine yourself as the customer putting your business with a company that has ongoing sporadic IT issues – would this encourage you to keep your business there or look elsewhere?

So, with reliance on IT to help grow business set to continue to fit in with the modern world, many companies are cracking down on reducing downtime as much as possible in order to achieve their maximum potential. If you’d like more information on how Custard can help with your disaster recovery, have a look at our IT solutions and contact us now.