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November is National Career Development Month – a month aimed at encouraging employers to inspire and empower their employees to achieve their career goals.

Michaela Hayward, our Chief Operations and Sales Officer, describes why this month echoes our business beliefs at Custard.

Our employees are so important to our business. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of service that we do and because of that, we work extremely hard to create a company culture that sustains a motivated workforce and encourages personal development ensuring that our team thrive. Our employees are given opportunities to develop and learn new skills, attend team-building events, and are awarded for their dedication. This encourages our employees to provide the best customer service for our customers.

Employing over 25 members of staff, we make an effort to ensure that our team’s Health & Wellbeing is looked after with a free healthcare insurance plan and by offering a diverse, inclusive, and supportive place to work. We know a happy and healthy workforce is more motivated, more productive, and higher performing. A win-win for any successful business.

A large proportion of our staff have worked for the company for many years, and this is something we’re incredibly proud of. Our key leadership team (Chief Operations and Sales Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Head of Accounts and HR) actively promote internal career development, as well as external training and development opportunities. We plan for career progression and regularly provide training and development into new or senior roles within the business. Skilled employees are highly sought after and it’s vital we attract and retain talent to futureproof our business.

We firmly believe in rewarding people appropriately and aim to nurture staff loyalty by offering them training and career development to realise their potential. We plan staff training in advance for new technological developments and software and hold monthly company-wide training sessions to encourage skills development across all departments.

A younger workforce

We are big supporters of apprentices - believing that we should offer placements for those who may not be able to gain qualifications through the university route.

In the past year, we have taken on several trainees with one of the most recent being William Pass – who joined the company as a trainee Sales Executive earlier this year. We plan for these employees to grow within the company. Many of the Custard team who started in an apprentice role, have become permanent full-time staff within the business, and have progressed through the company to team leader and management level. We very much believe that if we put the time and effort into someone’s future, that it is beneficial to both our employees and our customers.

Building Success

We are proud to support November’s National Career Development Month, and by looking after our staff and offering them opportunities to grow, we enable the business to develop while striving to provide excellence in everything we do. And within the dynamic world of IT and technology, this can only be a good thing.

If you are interested in working with us at Custard Technical Services, keep an eye out on our Careers page where we post all of our current vacancies.

About Custard Technical Services

Custard are a team of technicians, engineers, salespeople and directors (but above all, we’re a bunch of geeky gurus).

We’ve got over two decades of experience in the IT industry, delivering friendly jargon-free IT support and services for businesses across the East Midlands and the UK. We are a fast-growing company that support businesses across many different sectors, from manufacturing companies to charities.

We work to create a company culture that sustains a motivated workforce and encourages personal development to ensure our team thrive. Our employees are given opportunities to develop and learn new skills, attend team building events and are awarded for their dedication.