Custard are excited to be working with Untethered Labs to provide GateKeeper, a revolutionary new security device which automatically locks and unlocks your computer for you.

When you leave your desk, you should lock your PC but locking your PC manually and typing in your complex password everytime you return, can be quite annoying for employees so often employees will simply just leave their computer unlocked or make passwords that are easy to remember which defeats the point of a password policy completely.

Most screens auto-lock after a 5 or more minutes of activity but that’s easily long enough for somebody to glance through your emails or copy your data somewhere else which with the introduction of GDPR in May could prove a legislative nightmare and risk for your company.

With GateKeeper, every time you leave your desk, your PC will lock. When you return to your desk it will unlock, that simple, no more passwords.

Check out our video of Fran at the Custard HQ, using GateKeeper

It works via a simple keyfob which you wear on your keys, on a lanyard around your neck or simply keep in your trouser pocket! When it’s in range of your PC it’ll unlock, when it goes back out of range it’ll lock.

It’s a simple idea, extremely effective and greatly improves workstation security in your business and employees love it as most importantly it is easy to use. GateKeeper allows for very complex passwords to be set on the servers as no one needs to remember them.

If you would like more information on GateKeeper and how it could work in your business, please contact us.