Microsoft Office 13 is designed to harmonise closely with Windows 8 and embrace ‘the cloud’ – the technology that enables document and software storage ‘in the ether’.

And, of course, it has been created with touch-screen users in mind. But even if you’re not touchy-feely, there are plenty of great tweaks that make Office 2013 a worthwhile upgrade…

1. The PDF editor in Word 2013 is nothing less than inspired! Now you can open PDFs as word documents with ‘PDF Reflow’, then edit, copy and paste the content wherever you want.

2. In Excel, ‘Flash Fill’ learns and recognises patterns, then uses this to automatically format or add cell data for you. You just choose whether or not to accept its suggestions.

3. Using Microsoft OneNote, new digital ink support lets you use a stylus, mouse, or finger on a touch-enabled device to take notes, write emails and access features in the new Office – and converts your handwriting into text.

4. Again using OneNote, you can insert pictures of your receipts or other important documents, and, at last, find them quickly… with ‘Image Search’.

5. In Office 2013, when you leave a Word or PowerPoint document and return later, it remembers where you were. So no more tedious scrolling through to see where you’d got to.

6. PowerPoint’s ‘Presenter View’ lets you view your own private version of a presentation with notes and upcoming slides – on, say, your laptop -while the audience sees the ‘public’ version on screen.

7. Simply ‘right-clicking’ Outlook’s tab in the task bar lets you create a new task, contact, email, meeting or appointment. No fuss. No need to open anything.

8. If you connect your social networking accounts to Office, you have instant access to real-time status updates, pictures and contact information.

9. Office Web Apps let you invite colleagues to collaborate quickly and effectively-distance no object. And that even includes people who don’t have Office!

10. Outlook Mail will now let you know if an attachment is missing. And you can link to documents saved on ‘SkyDrive’, so there’s no need to be constantly sending attachments to and fro.