An increasingly large number of our customers are falling victim to Ransomware Trojans.

The Trojan is normally received in an email such as a UPS or FedEx tracking email and will ask you to open a PDF attachment. This attachment runs software in the background which can encrypt your files on your PC and on your servers.

The encryption technique used is almost impossible to break without knowing the original encryption key and a screen will appear asking for a ransom to be paid, at which point the key to decrypt your files will be emailed to you.

Upon paying the ransom you may or you may not receive the key and the software will still be on your system.

How to protect yourself

Unfortunately the way that the email is received with its attachment may not be picked up by anti-spam or antivirus systems.

Check to make sure you have Custards approved security systems in place.

Make sure you are not still using Windows XP machines.

Never under any circumstances open an attachment in any email from an unknown source.

Parcel tracking information should be obtained from the couriers website by entering the tracking number and never directly from an email.

There are many other ways that this software has been spread, including Adobe Flash updates and java updates.

Our supported users should never need to update any software other than supported third-party software such as Sage, however in these instances please feel free to call us and have one of our engineers install the update for you.

If in doubt do not open attachments, and do not install updates. Our engineers are available on live chat, email, phones and our ticketing system. If your files are encrypted by one of these Trojans, we will have to roll you back to your latest un-affected backup.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding these Trojans please feel free to email me at [email protected] or contact our engineers in the usual way.

Chris Pass

MD Custard Technical Services Ltd