Protect your company from disaster with business data backup and recovery. Loss of data is a loss in work, time, and money.

The one thing you can do to protect your business from ruin, whether it’s as a result of human error, flooding, fires, or something else, is to have a business data backup and recovery plan in place. That’s why working with data protection experts – Custard – is the safe bet.

We Protect You From Disaster By:

  • Ensuring you can recover and access all of your stored information from backup copies
  • Prevent downtime from loss of data, allowing you more time to generate income
  • Protecting your business against critical data loss, theft, or equipment failure
  • Virtualisation of your network, bringing your business up to speed in minutes

Don’t let your business become another victim of critical data loss, and don’t become another statistic of a failed business due to catastrophic data loss. When you work with Custard for business continuity planning, backup and data recovery, you are working with a team of dedicated experts who make sure you have a sound plan in place to make sure your data won’t be lost forever.

Why Custard Group

Protect your business with help from the experts

The team at Custard Group are experts in data security and business continuity. We all like to think it won’t happen to us, but in the event of a fire, flood or human act, would your data be safe for business to continue as usual? Ensuring business continuity through virtual systems, and safe and secure data storage and backup is a vital job that requires experience and expertise. Our reliable and responsive service is delivered by a team of technical professionals, to help your business survive potential disaster.