Cloud computing is a subscription or pay-per-use service delivered over the internet that provides benefits that result in increased productivity and cost savings for your business. Transitioning to the Cloud means increased revenue and efficiency for your organisation.

By migrating some or all of your technology to a cloud environment, you’ll reduce effective costs, get a better return on your IT investments and you’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world, on anything, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

When your technological assets are in the cloud, the cloud computing professionals at Custard take care of everything from new technology deployment to security patches, upgrades and regular maintenance – giving you the freedom to concentrate on your core business.

  • Scalable IT Solutions – your technology will grow and adapt with the changing needs of your business
  • Cloud services help you expand your business to new locations with ease
  • Increased productivity and mobilised workforce capability
  • Work from anywhere, anytime, via an internet connection
  • Advanced security – give employees and vendors access only to the files and programs they need
  • No expensive, upfront capital costs
  • Familiar applications – cloud computing is available for all of the applications you’re already using

Using cloud computing IT services with Custard gives your company a way to extend your technological capability; without the need to invest in all new equipment or retrain employees to handle new software programs. Your business can take advantage of the newest technologies through cloud services, upgrade or improve efficiency without lengthy delays for setting up the new technology, and without an expensive equipment investment. Let our Custard Support team help you make the transition to the cloud so you may start experiencing the benefits today!

Why Custard Group?

Reduced costs and increased efficiency through cloud computing

Cloud computing is the way modern, forward-thinking, successful businesses work. You can increase productivity and flexibility within your workforce while eliminating upfront costs. As a business, your technology is often your most valuable asset, and with Custard Group’s cloud computing services, you can rest assured it’s in safe hands. With all your existing applications available, plus access to upgrades, additional security and support, there’s no reason to delay making the change to work in the cloud.