If you are looking for a simplified infrastructure management service and maintenance solution for your server framework, Custard Colocation Services are a fantastic choice.

Colocating your IT means all of your critical business applications and servers are hosted by a Custard offsite data centre. That means your servers are monitored by our expert support technicians, who have fast access to provide support as you need it. Updating said servers is easier and more efficient, and you can return your focus to your business activities instead of wasting time worrying about your server infrastructure.

  • Benefits of latest and greatest IT Solutions
  • Cost savings – energy cost are decreased for your organisation
  • Freeing up your in-house resources
  • Scalability – easily upgrade your infrastructure

Stop worrying about the maintenance of your server framework and put your precious time and effort back into the activities your business needs to generate income – contact Custard for more information on how Colocation Services with Custard can benefit your business. Our business is partly saving you time and peace of mind – starting with your infrastructure and IT services.

Why Custard Group

Simplified management and maintenance of your infrastructure

Custard Group’s Colocation Service provides offsite hosting for your servers and IT applications at our dedicated data centre. Our IT technicians are always on hand to help and support you 24/7, and have fast easy access for updates, repairs and routine maintenance. With regular backups, maximised uptime, sophisticated firewalls and physical security, we’ve invested in your business growth. Free up your resources, reduce your energy costs and rest assured that your infrastructure is in safe hands.