If your business uses email to communicate you are at risk of online threats from viruses, spam and phishing attacks, and malware. Your email system is probably not as secure as you think.

Some organisations are subject to government mandates and regulations for storing archiving and securing sensitive email messages. Our Custard Email and Spam protection services will reduce your risks of online threats and ensure the security of your data.

Custard Email and Spam Protection Solutions Include:

Ensured Data Compliance: If your business is part of an industry that requires data compliance of sensitive information, we’ll help you stay up to date and protect your email through appropriate storage and security measures.

Proactive Management of Email Security: Our email and spam protection services eliminate threats before they affect your network, blocking spam, phishing attacks, viruses and malware.

Simplify Archiving: How often do you lose an email with information you need? Our email solutions and IT services make it easy to find an old email message from the archives, whenever you need it.

Increase IT Efficiency: Offloading email archives give your servers a break and with time normally used looking for old emails or eliminating online threats gone, more time is available to focus on running your business.

Give our office a call or contact us online to review your email and spam protection. Don’t wait until your email system has been compromised or you face fines for lack of data compliance measures. We’ll review your existing email and spam protection and make recommendations for a service that will better meet your needs.

Why Custard Group

Protect yourself and your systems with our proactive service

Make sure you stay compliant with email security regulations and maximise the security of your email. Whether it’s blocking spam or avoiding viruses and phishing attacks, Custard Group will protect and manage your emails in an effective and efficient way. Our services reduce your risks from online threats, reduce the workload for your servers and improve the way your business emails work. With a predictable monthly subscription, your emails are safe in our hands, leaving you free to focus on your business.