If the technology your business uses is out of date or not working correctly, you cannot run your business in an effective manner; you’re losing potential revenue, and precious time.

Even with a fully staffed IT department, your business is not likely to be prepared for every new technology or IT situation. Broken, or inefficient technology can cause heavy expense for your business, and hiring contractors to fix technology after it breaks is an even more costly solution, and generally results in a loss of time too. Custard Managed IT Services is the solution – you get access to flat-rate IT benefits with a predictable expense, resulting in saved time and increased productivity.

Our Managed IT Services Offer:

  • Elimination of network and computer equipment downtime for your business
  • 24/7 Network monitoring – prevention is the key to keeping everything working around the clock
  • Predictable IT expenses for your IT services with the flat rate Managed Services offering
  • Budget for your IT expenses and eliminate all surprises from your technology expenses that result from fixing things after they break
  • Stop Waiting For Your Technology To Break Before You Fix It!

With Custard as your IT service provider, we can save your business money and eliminate downtime. With everything working as it should be, it also means time is saved. More time means a redirection of focus. A redirection of this gained time is easily turned into revenue; if you’re still paying IT consultants by the hour to fix things after they break, you’re paying too much. When you work with Custard’s Managed IT Services, both companies benefit from having technology working the way it should be.

Why Custard Group

Refreshingly simple, perfectly serious IT services and solutions for your business technology

Technology in businesses can be consistently problematic. With Custard’s IT services and solutions, we can alleviate this stress. Custard provides IT and support services at a predictable cost, with a way to accommodate for those unexpected problems. Custard can help you strategically choose IT solutions that will ensure the continuity of your business. Give your business the performance and reliability it needs with flexible technology solutions from Custard, and get the greatest return on your investment.