Custard work closely with your IT team ensuring data protection is at the front of our minds.

Custard ensure every element is covered and your business is not exposed to data loss. Data Protection Plus bridges today’s modern workforce demands by leveraging the latest innovations across Storage solutions. Now you can easily secure your most important business data, emails, and applications while meeting users’ needs for information access across all their devices.

Why Custard Group

Safe, secure data storage solutions for businesses of all sizes

Keep your data safe, secure and accessible at all times, with Custard’s data storage solutions. We use the latest innovative technology to ensure that your vital information is protected and backed up while remaining easy to access across all devices. We work alongside your IT team for a strategic and seamless approach to data storage, meaning your business can function efficiently and effectively. Our tailor-made plans and bespoke solutions are perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes, offering cutting edge technology and expert advice at a reasonable and affordable price.