Akroyd Consulting


I am an IT Consultant that has worked with several international blue chip organisations. I was contracted by a National Charity with around 150 staff, geographically dispersed throughout the UK, to transition their IT Support Contract to a new provider. When I was brought on board, notice had already been given to the existing service provider, and Custard Technical Services had been chosen by the charity to be the new service provider, although no contract was yet in place.

Throughout the process, from contract negotiations through moving servers from one data centre to another, to supporting the end users, I have been pleasantly surprised by Custard Technical Services. As a small independent IT services supplier, I was expecting a reasonable service, as an organisation of our size was a big customer for them, but they have constantly tried to deliver above my expectations – and succeeded – by looking at ways to improve the service delivered – even if it reduces their monthly service charges.

During the data centre relocation, they were constantly challenged by equipment failures, not least of which was a failure of the primary VPN router, which they were able to resolve so that service was resumed as normal on the monday morning. In my experience, it is not just the amount of issues which occur that determines the quality of a service provider (although the fewer the better is good for everyone!), but it is the prompt and professional manner in which the issues are resolved that makes the difference, and so far Custard Technical Services are delivering not only what they said they would, but are going above and beyond to exceed expectations – all at a very competitive price. I would be happy to both recommend and use Custard Technical Services in other engagements in the future.”

Greg Akroyd
Managing Director at Akroyd Consulting Limited