Gem Vending


Gem Vending have had a relationship with Custard for a number of years so when the time came to replace their outdated VOIspeed system, they knew Custard were the people to ask.

Gem Vending provide vending machines and after sales services to businesses throughout the Midlands area which meant a lot of their employees were out on the road all day every day and communication was vital.

Custard recommended implementing Skype for Business throughout the company due to it being a user friendly system with simple interfaces for users, making it a universal system that users of all abilities are able to use. The multi-functionality Skype for Business provides, along with apps available for mobiles, conferencing and video calling just one click away as well as the most important benefit of all, cheaper call charges and better call quality made it the perfect choice.

A great example of how Skype has improved the way Gem Vending operate is the benefit it has had for their engineers. They previously had trouble communicating vending machine faults back to their Head Office when out on the road servicing clients and now, they can simply use the Skype for Business App on their mobile phone and start a video chat so both locations can see the same thing at the same time. This has made diagnosis and fixes twice as fast.

Custard deployed Skype for Business alongside Gem Vending’s old phone system to ensure that there was minimal disruption to a busy workforce and after rigorous testing, it was deployed in a full and successful roll out to all staff members

“We moved to the Custard recommended Skype for Business system. It has vastly improved our communications efficiency. We have over 60 staff in the field and they now have a direct line of communication to everyone in the business. They can call, chat and video directly to the required person. This helps us rectify vending machine problems faster and only involving the people required. Our field staff no longer wait to be transferred or called back.

The Skype for Business solution has made our company much more efficient at communicating and saved time for everyone.

Simon Barnett
MD of Gem Vending