Global Eyes


Global Eyes are a market leading provider of aviation logistics and their support services are located within every major airport in the UK.

It was through acquisition that Global Eyes became one of Custard’s clients. Initially the relationship was providing IT support and when further auditing was carried out, it was identified that Global Eyes had a number of areas within their IT infrastructure that could be consolidated and streamlined.

Global Eyes had a physical file server, terminal server and phone system at their Head Office in Tamworth. The servers were ageing and overdue for replacement. Staff in their Dunstable office would connect into the terminal server at Tamworth but they operated a separate phone system for their branch. When analysing their internet security it was noted that Global Eyes didn’t have any firewalls in place, this no only left their business open to attacks but also meant they had no tools to monitor internet traffic or assure quality of service.

Custard recommended and implemented an array of virtual machines in a clustered datacenter environment. The internet connections at both Tamworth and Dunstable were upgraded from standard ADSL connections to leased lines and next generation firewalls were installed to provide security and quality of service. Data was moved from the ageing, physical servers at Tamworth to the brand new Windows Virtual Servers and the staff workstations were configured to access their new systems remotely.

Global Eyes were previously running an Exchange 2003 email server so Custard migrated this to a Hosted Exchange environment. Along side a hosted Skype for Business service was deployed to unify Global Eye’s communications and centralise telephones to one phone system that would be used why both branches. A mixture of both wireless headsets and desk phones were rolled out across both branches and staff were fully trained on using the system before going live.

By centralising their infrastructure into one fully managed and central location Global Eyes were able negate any large capital outlay for hardware replacements. Not only this but staff were able to benefit from the greatly improved speed and reliability of their IT systems. The new Skype for Business system allowed staff to be able to host conference calls, meaning the travel costs were reduced as staff no longer had to travel between the branches for meetings. The user friendly interface of Skype for Business meant that staff were able to use it easily and to its full potential regardless of their IT knowledge.