We had our old IT company for many years and felt the relationship had become stagnant and although they responded when we called them, for quotes and support, Custard showed us that IT support was not just a one way street and often they would be calling us with health check advice, recommendations and sometimes just a friendly chat.

When Custard came in for our first initial meeting we were very impressed. The idea of logging problems to look at trends and recommendations based on health reports of all our IT equipment meant that we could be aware ahead of time of the status of a PC, or laptop rather than one of our engineers arriving on site with potentially a wasted meeting because of IT problems.’

Our contract is relatively new with Custard, and already I’m confident and happy that I can finally get back to my job rather than deal with the companies IT problems.
I also requested quotes from Custard on a number of items, crossed checked a few prices and found them to be highly competitive. What a breath of fresh air! It makes me think we should have done the move sooner.

Alice Ketley