Zebra Finance


Zebra Finance offer specialist finance provision to intermediaries and their customers in their chosen markets. They are the sole suppliers to the majority of football clubs.

They offer services of a call centre style solution that customers call to arrange finance over the phone, and a software solution which integrates into the selling companies website directly.

Zebra felt their current supplier did not have the knowledge to help them move forward and was holding their business back.

Zebra wanted a company that could provide all the elements of IT required, from consultation and advice to desktop support and internet connectivity. Zebra wanted everything under one roof and one company to call for assistance and advice.

Custard were tasked with helping the business become more efficient through improved IT infrastructure and to move everything to the cloud.

Zebras’ server infrastructure consisted of, an email server, a file Server and a database server in house. These servers were becoming slow and in need of replacement. Zebra wanted to maximise the benefits of a cloud solution and move all their servers offsite to the cloud. As they had no dedicated in-house IT expertise, they also required full IT support for their IT environment.

The internet connectivity was 3 standard internet lines shared across the network. Moving to the cloud with this solution was not possible as their solution of 1mb download was far from suitable.

Custards proposal included all the elements required to transition to the cloud and give the company the most seamless experience possible.

Custard implemented a virtual server hosting solution of the following. Hosted remote desktop server for remote access, file server for file shares, a database server, a hosted exchange solution for email and 2 domain controllers. The solution is hosted at Custards own dedicated data centre.

The internet connectivity supplied at Zebras’ office consists of a 50Mb primary internet connection with a failover 20Mb connection in the event of a failure on the primary line.

As part of a full IT Audit a number of areas on the network were highlighted for speed and reliability improvements, which left unaddressed would cause problems for the company going forwards as it expands.

Custard implemented upgraded switch gear to improve the network traffic and a Barracuda next generation firewall to ensure the infrastructure was protected.

The server infrastructure is backed up and monitored by Custard both onsite and offsite.

“Since taking on the services of Custard, Zebra Finance have received an excellent level of support and advice. Having experts take care of our IT ensures we can concentrate on our business.”

Melanie Finch
Office Manager, Zebra Finance