On Friday 12th May 2017, Cyber Security hit the headlines as the NHS had been brought to its knees by a Ransomware virus called Wannacrypt.

The ransomware encrypted all the files on computers, leaving them completely inaccessible and demanded a ransom of $300 to decrypt them. Over the weekend it’s spread across 150 countries and infected more than 230,000 Windows PCs.

The Malware first gains access to your computer system via. an email attachment, it then spreads rapidly using a vulnerability in Windows to all other computers that it can see on the network. It was able to spread to random computers on the internet that had specific ports open on firewalls, then spread within their networks too. Having a good backup at this point is the only feasible way to get your files back as paying the ransom fuels the fire and doesn’t guarantee recovery of files.

Custard are able to perform a Security Audit for your business to analyse all aspects of your Business IT security and follow up with a comprehensive report and meeting to explain all the technical findings, in a non-technical manner. We will address vulnerabilities in your cyber security and even identify which staff need training on email security awareness.

Cyber-attacks are happening all the time, 24/7 and are indiscriminate, they just don’t often make the news unless it’s someone massive like the NHS. The threats are growing day by day and are evolving to become harder to detect and quicker to spread. Custard have first-hand experience of SMEs that have been targeted by these attacks and it can cause days of disruption. Custard can help protect your business by being proactive and identifying the areas of weakness, before the attackers find them.

Custard’s Security Audit Service is usually £1500, however to help our customers to be protected from these threats, we will perform the audit for £500.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you’re interested and would like a quotation.