How to decide what internet speed is right for your business.

As a business owner or IT Manager, you need to consider ‘what internet speed do I need for my business?’

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a straightforward answer to the critical ‘internet speed for business’ question? Alas, due to your ever-changing business needs and technology requirements, there is not. However, Custard are here to give you some guidance on what internet speed is right for your business.

What Is Internet Speed?

To best understand the necessary internet speed for your business; it first helps to get to understand a little more about the ins and outs of internet connectivity.

You’ll regularly come across phrases such as ‘speeds of up to 50Mbps’ when looking at internet options. Although it’s important to know that your internet connections don’t just have one speed, they have two. One is the upload speed, and the other, naturally, is the download speed. Depending on the activity your company undertakes will play a huge role in the upload and download speeds you require.

Download Speeds: Internet download speeds impact your ability to receive files (documents, images, music files etc.) Good download speeds are a necessity if your business relies heavily on receiving communication from external sources.

Upload Speeds: Upload speeds impact your ability to send files, be that via emails or file sharing applications such as Microsoft OneDrive.

Internet speed is measured in bits per second. The way these speeds are routinely displayed is in a ‘download over upload’ format. So, internet connectivity with download speeds of up to 30mbps and upload speeds of up to 10mbps would display as 30/10.

In the above example, this would mean that it would take you and your employees longer to upload files than it would to download them. When considering what internet is best for business, upload speed is often something that is overlooked; however, it shouldn’t be. If uploading files is a large part of your business activity, then a slow upload speed could be a huge drain on your internet speeds company-wide.

When enquiring with your chosen telecoms provider about internet speeds for business, they will mention bandwidth. In short, the more bandwidth your connection has, the more data it can deal with at any given time.

Better bandwidth = better uploading and downloading speeds.  

Your Current Internet Speeds

It’s often the case with many poor-quality business internet providers that you don’t actually get the download and upload speeds that you’re paying for. If you’re interested in finding out what speed your current business internet is running at, then it’s easy enough to check. Simply visit and run the test.

If you want to investigate whether you’re receiving the broadband speeds that you’re paying for, then check your billing statement. On the statement, your current provider should state the speeds, or megabits per second that you are paying for. Marry this up against the internet speed test results to see if you are getting your monies worth.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Internet Speeds Business?

When choosing the best internet speeds to service your business effectively, there are many factors to consider:

  • Users – How many users will your business internet connection need to cater for?
  • Number of users connected – How many of your users will be connected to your broadband at any one time?
  • Activity – What activity will users be performing while connected to the internet?
  • Recommended bandwidth activity – What is the recommended bandwidth needed when it comes to carrying out users most common activities?
  • Technology and capabilities – What technology (PC’s, Laptops etc.) do you have in your business; and how capable are they?
  • Provider download restrictions – Does your chosen business internet provider implement download restrictions, meaning you could hit your limits before all activities are complete.
  • Available internet connection in your area – What types of connection are available in your areas?

Although these guidelines can be helpful when deciding what internet speeds you need for business, it can still be challenging to accurately predict the amount of bandwidth your business needs to run effectively. If you have any questions about estimated internet speed requirements for business, then our team of IT experts are on hand to offer you advice.

Finding the best connection for your business is extremely important. The correct connectivity speeds will allow you to carry out online tasks efficiently, speed up collaborative internal (and external) communications systems and the use of cloud services for business.

For example, a small office of 3-5 members of staff carrying out general administration duties could, in theory, function efficiently on speeds of 10Mbps. In contrast, a large studio of 20-30 graphic designers who routinely download and upload large files will require much more bandwidth.

To summarise, a faster connection will be better for your business. It’s just a case finding the perfect balance between performance and cost. Remember, your internet business speed is not something that should be static. Ensure that your internet requirements are regularly reviewed to ensure that your bandwidth can service you, and your staffs' needs.

For any advice on what internet speed is right for your business, or to speak to our team about IT support for business, then please get in touch today.