1. Windows 8 is an app fest for your connected lifestyle. The app suite is all built in and ready for what you do most – like email, appointments diary, social networking, and photo-sharing. It’s designed to integrate perfectly with the services you already have, and to deliver all your information exactly where you want it.

2. Windows 8 has been completely refocused on your life. Its intuitive new tiled ‘start’ screen gives you instant access to people, apps and fun… which equals less time navigating and more time doing. And – changing and updating in real time – those tiles give you an instant picture of what’s going on.

3. Browsing has been refocused, too, through Internet Explorer 10. This delivers a web experience packed with new capabilities – as fast and fluid as any app, and just as intuitive. Everything feels truly instant and, vitally, still provides reassuringly safe browsing that protects you from today’s security and privacy issues.

4. Windows 8 works brilliantly across all hardware, from desktop to tablet to laptop. With the same start screen, applications, files and settings that you’re familiar with. So – whether you’re using touch or a mouse and keyboard – you can use Windows wherever you need to, however you want to.

5. Windows 8 is built for business. Today, we increasingly use our personal devices for work, and vice-versa. So we need to be able to connect to work and personal files all from the same device – and use the same apps – from anywhere. With features like Windows To Go on USB drives, we can carry Windows 8 wherever we go. And be connected everywhere, on any device we want. Plus, with security features like Trusted Boot, Measured Boot and built-in malware resistance, Windows is secure from startup.

6. Windows 8 is ‘cloud-connected’. So when you sign in with your Microsoft account, your PC starts up with everything personalised to you – themes, preferences and even Wi-Fi settings. Your mail, calendar, and people apps synchronise across all your devices. And, with the SkyDrive app, you can access your files wherever you are, and pick up right where you left off.

7. On a rock-solid foundation, Windows 8 is fast, compatible, and protected. You can install it on your Windows 7 device, and have familiar apps and devices instantly at your fingertips. If you’re used to working with programmes like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, they’ll run effortlessly on the Windows 8 desktop. Upgrading from 7 to 8 has convenience built in!

8. And when you want more apps, you just go to the Windows store. This was built to help you discover and learn about new and highly-rated apps across all categories really easily. They have beautiful screenshots, complete descriptions, and ratings from other users. And, when you decide you want one, just select ‘install’ – the app comes down and is ready for use almost instantly!