Microsoft could be unveiling Windows 9 sooner than expected. Previously known as Threshold, its release may be more than just the return of the Start button and the ability to run Metro-style apps on the desktop. Microsoft wants a new version to separate itself from Windows 8 completely.

Windows 8 has been a failure. Even with the updated Windows 8.1 it’s still running on only 25 million PCs – a disaster for Microsoft. So the Threshold update may get a new Windows 9 name to distance the two. But will it offer a new OS as the name suggests?

Sources say Windows 9 will be unveiled at Build 2014 in April, which will be the first time Microsoft has done this since 2003. But, ironically, it’s likely the software won’t even be built at the event. In fact Microsoft may not start the work on creating its vision until May.

Metro 2.0 should make an appearance in a windowed mode for use within the desktop. This may appear in one of the three releases Microsoft plans to reveal ahead of the final version.

It’s claimed the final version of Microsoft Windows 9 will be released by April 2015.