If you’ve been looking forward to the launch of Windows 9 then you’re in for a surprise!

Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 to the world, giving us a huge leap from Windows 8 and of course a question on everyone’s mind is “Why has Microsoft left out Windows 9?” Well it’s clear to see that Microsoft have definitely taken a disliking to odd numbers.

There’s been a lot of rumours about the reason behind the leap from Windows 8 to 10 including Windows 10 being the official name for Windows 9, whilst some suggested the launch was done to place more distance between itself and the not-so-well received Window 8, and others suggesting it’s because there’s too much code referring to Windows 9 hanging around from the days of Windows 95 and Windows 98.

The question now is, what’s different about Windows 10? From the installation process through to its ability to allow for multiple desktops, there’s a number of reasons why people can argue that Windows 10 will be better than other operating systems.

The operating system will also feature enterprise-grade security, identity, information protection features and streamlined deployment capabilities, which are just a few features that Microsoft have shared. Microsoft have pulled out all of the stops to ensure that business users know that they are being catered for and it’s definitely clear that their objective is to win back enterprise loyalty.

Better still, Microsoft has announced its plans to make Windows 10 available on all platforms.

So the next question is, will Windows 10 mark a new chapter in the history of Windows? Maybe Microsoft will need to offer something of ‘added-value’ to encourage encourage users to upgrade and even return to Windows.

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